Beijing University of Technology rekrutuje do udziału w International Postdoctoral Program!

Beijing University of Technology w Chinach rekrutuje do udziału w International Postdoctoral Program! Poniżej zamieszczamy informacje na temat oferty i wymagań. Szczegółowe informacje na temat uczelni i programu można znaleźć w załącznikach.

Program Information: 2020 International Postdoctoral Program at BJUT (National Program)

What we offer:

1. Pre-tax funding:300,000 CNY/year for 2years

2. Postdoctoral apartment (about 60 square meters) for 2 years

3. Commercial Insurance to international post doctors for 2 years

For whom:

1. Being under 35 year’s old and in good health

2. Obtained a doctoral degree within the recent three years

3. Graduated from the universities which should be among the top 100 universities in term of World University Ranking, or among those in terms of World University ranking by Subject. For applicants from the Belt and Road countries, the applicants might come from the top 3 Universities in terms of National University Ranking.

Ranking Reference: 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities, Times Higher Education World University Ranking, QS World University Rankings, U.S.News & World Report

4. With excellent academic record during their doctoral study

5. Having sufficient proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese or English

How to apply:

1.The applicant sends the intent form, the scan-copy of passport, certificate of Ph.D and academic resume (including information such as publication, research subject, patent and awards) to, no later than September, 4.

2. From September, 4 to September, 11, BJUT would organize the match-up between the applicants and tutors from BJUT Postdoctoral Research Centers/Research Mobile Stations.

3. From September, 4 to September,14, the applicant and tutor will finalize the research plan, log in online system and complete the International Postdoctoral Program Application Form, and the supporting materials.

Supporting Materials including: the scan-copy of passport, certificate of Ph.D and the other researching and academic achievements mentioned from Application Form.

4. September, 14, the applicant should submit the electronic version to And the tutor should submit two copies of the printed materials to Room 329, Zhixin Building, BJUT.

5. The final program notification would be released in October online. BJUT would inform the applicant for the application of the working visa.


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