Zaproszenie na seminarium prof. Ivana Argatova

Katedra Wytrzymałości Materiałow serdecznie zaprasza na seminarium poprowadzone przez prof. Ivana Argatova z Uniwersytetu Technicznego w Berlinie, które odbędzie się w sali 162 w Gmachu Głównym, w piątek, 2 sierpnia 2019, o godz. 10.00.

Title of presentation: Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) as a novel nonlinear modelling technique in Tribology and Materials Science


Artificial neural networks are used increasingly in tribology and materials science practice, and yet this fascinating computer-simulation technique does not belong to a standard arsenal of mathematical modeling tools, widely used by tribology and materials researchers. This introductory lecture outlines a machine learning approach to complex multi-field problems where the general concepts might be understood but which are not easily amenable to analytical treatment. To grasp the idea of neural network analysis, an artificial neural network is introduced as a form of regression modelling (input to output mapping). The presented approach finds wide use in recognizing predictive patterns in complex data and enables the data-driven study of diverse physical phenomena in tribology and materials science.