Dean's Welcome

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of the oldest faculties of our university, and the university is one of the oldest technical units in Poland. The organization of the Faculty has been changed over the years. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering was merged  with the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Engineering, held on the1st of  September 2004. Nowadays, there are about 4,500 students enrolled in: Construction, Geodesy and Cartography, Engineering, Environment and Transport areas . Over 200 teachers are employed in 12 Departments.

The Faculty has full academic privileges. It means that we have the right to obtain doctoral degrees, postdoctoral, and  professor. As the inheritor of a long history of engineering  training, we have developed a model of creating modern engineers. We look  into the future and try to prepare our students in every possible way to perform difficult engineering profession.

Conducting research, the Faculty is a vibrant engine for generating the knowledge and engaging you in this process. We give you the opportunity to participate in its creation. You gain this way as unique experience, which greatly increases your possibilities of the future labor market. We have excellent links with industry

Unique laboratories, testing equipment, software, training and offer additional courses is a proposition with which we go out to you in the hope that you will take advantage of it and join the ranks of our academic community and together we created the future of our Faculty.

Our Faculty is not only a long history and great academics. This is also your daily life in Tricity, especially for people who came from other towns and regions of the world.

The process of "forging engineer" is a difficult path, often bumpy, but  is certainly an interesting intellectual challenge.

We strive to promote an ethic of professional responsibility, life-long intellectual development and innovation by adhering to our core values of teamwork, honesty, integrity, strength in diversity and respect for the individual. And finally we are committed to service locally and abroad through our programs, research and professional activities. Be our partners and part in this process with us.

Feel free to visit our Faculty not only virtually but also personally.
All the best
Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Krzysztof Wilde