Universal autonomous control and management system for multipurpose unmanned surface vessel

The paper presents design, structure and architecture of the Universal Autonomous Control and Management System (UACAMS) for multipurpose unmanned surface vessel. The system was designed, installed and implemented on the multipurpose platform - unmanned surface vessel named HydroDron. The platform is designed to execute hydrographic survey missions with multi-variant configuration of the survey system (payload? ) including multi-beam echo sounder, sonar, LiDAR, automotive radar, photographic and spectral camera systems. The UACAMS designed to provide flexibility that enables to operate on the different kind of surface platform and different type of functional payload. The full system configuration provides all four level of autonomy starting from remotely controlled to full autonomous mission. Each level can be implemented and run depending on user specific requirements. The paper explains the differences between autonomous and automatic mission and shows how the autonomy is implemented into the presented system. The full hardware structural design as well as the software architecture are described. In order to confirm initial assumptions the applied system was tested during four- week sea trials and tuned for a selected vessel to confirm assumptions. In the project, also the original shore control station was designed, produced and tested for the vessel, including specific user controls and radio communication system. Conclusions sum up all crucial points of the design and system implementation process.

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