zaproszenie na wykład dr. Wojtka Sołowskiego

Katedra Budownictwa i Inżynierii Materiałowej serdecznie zaprasza na dwa wykłady poprowadzone przez dr. Wojtka Sołowskiego, profesora uczelni w Aalto w Finlandii, które odbędą się w sali 106 Gmachu Żelbetu, w poniedziałek (01.07.2019) o godz. 14.00 i we wtorek (02.07.2019), także o godzinie 14.00.

Tematy wykładów dotyczą modelowania numerycznego, m.in. przy pomocy Metody Punktów Materialnych.

Material Point Method: overview, challenges and the road ahead

Abstract: The Material Point Method is a method for numerical calculations where very large displacements and deformations are present. The initial formulation of the method has been gradually improved leading to greater stability and better accuracy. However, typical formulations of material point method are still technically first order accurate, which means that achieving accurate results require many material points and is very time consuming. Therefore, the talk discusses how to achieve and maintain the second order convergence rate.

Later, the talk concentrates on the most recent developments in Material Point Method algorithms increasing the stability and accuracy of the method. Furthermore, the presentation discusses challenges related to granular flow simulations. Finally, the conclusions contain some speculations related to the Material Point Method future and suggestions for the areas in which the method may become the method of choice in research and engineering practice.

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanically coupled modelling of unsaturated soils

Abstract: The talk will briefly describe the behaviour of bentonite and the challenges related to modelling of that expansive material, chosen to be used as buffer in geological nuclear waste repositories. The presentation will shortly discuss the modelling options related to water transport, air transport, heat transport and the constitutive models for the mechanical behaviour of the material. Then the seminar will discuss some Finite Element Method simulations aiming to replicate the experimental data, including simulation of bentonite pellets homogenization. Finally, the talk will close with description of microstructural features of the bentonite, and analysis related to the role of the bonded water in the water retention properties of the unsaturated clays.


Dr Wojtek Sołowski obtained his PhD degree in Durham, UK, working on algorithms related to implementation of constitutive models for unsaturated soils into the Finite Element Method codes. In particular, he investigated stress integration algorithms for Barcelona Basic Model, a popular model for unsaturated soils. Afterwards, he moved to Newcastle, Australia, where he continued his research on stress integration algorithms, as well as gained interest in Material Point Method. Since 2014 he works as a professor at Aalto University, Finland. His group research is currently concentrated on Material Point Method and on THMC coupled Finite Element Method modelling of geomaterials. Both research areas require development of novel algorithms and improvements in currently existing codes. Sołowski is also interested in constitutive modelling of soils, both saturated and unsaturated, soil microstructure and how it affects macroscopic soil

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