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Department of Sanitary Engineering
DSE staff

The Department of Sanitary Engineering was established in 1982 at the Faculty of Hydrotechnics.
The Department carries out research in the area of developing methods of pre-treatment or treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater and their measurements. The second area of interest is mathematical models and simulations of wastewater treatment and sludge management processes, simulation of operational strategies and modernization activities.

Heads of the Department over the years:
prof. dr hab. Eng. Piotr Kowalik (1982 - 2005)
dr hab. Eng. Wichowski Roman (2005 - 2009)
prof. dr hab. Eng. Ziemowit Suligowski (2009 - 2013)
prof. dr hab. Eng. Jacek Mąkinia (2013 - present)

Head of DSE

prof. dr hab. Eng. Jacek Mąkinia

building no. 20 (HYDRO), 211 A

DSE Secretariat

Magdalena Kujawińska
building no. 20 (HYDRO), 210
phone: +48 58 347 24 21