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For Industry

The Department of Engineering Structures offers

in the field of concrete structures:

  • opinions, judgments and scientific and technical expertise in the field of assessing the technical condition of housing, public utility and industrial facilities,
  • specialized studies on strengthening the structures of historic buildings,
  • organization of specialized trainings, seminars and courses in the field of concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed structures and general construction,
  • experimental (destructive and non-destructive) tests of building structure elements on a natural scale,
  • laboratory tests of concrete, reinforcing steel and other building materials in the Regional Construction Laboratory,

in the field of metal structures:

  • design and supervision of the production of metal structures,
  • expert opinions and opinions on metal structures,
  • non-destructive testing of metal structures,
  • repairs and modernization of metal structures,
  • construction vibration tests,
  • seismic resistance tests,
  • advice and assistance in the preparation and implementation of construction projects,
  • investor's supervision in the field of manufacturing and assembly of metal structures,

in the field of bridges:

  • design and implementation of test loads,
  • experimental research and monitoring,
  • comprehensive calculations of the structure,
  • expert opinions, scientific and technical decisions regarding the current condition, service life, load-bearing capacity and conditions of further operation,
  • design and experimental verification of selected structural elements,
  • dynamic measurements, assessment of the harmfulness of vibrations to objects and people,
  • construction diagnostics,
  • projects of renovation, repair, modernization, projects of new bridge structures and engineering structures,
  • scientific and technical supervision of ongoing construction investments,
  • technical consulting, technical consulting in the field of civil engineering, checking and verification of technical documentation.

Secretariat of DES

Małgorzata Zaborska MA
room: 119 "Żelbet" (Bldg. No. 21)
phone: +48 58 347 10 57