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Date added: 2023-08-30

Workshops within the GreenerFlow project

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On August 10-11, 2023, a workshop was held at Gdansk University of Technology as part of the GreenerFlow project. The workshop was attended by 15 participants from seven organizations: Gdansk University of Technology (organizer), RISE AB (Research Institutes of Sweden), Warsaw University of Technology, Lund University, VTI (Sweden), Municipality of Gdansk (Gdansk Roads and Greenery Authority) and Municipality of Malmo.

During the workshop, we discussed the current challenges related to the congestion problem and how these can be addressed within future research and projects. The discussion involved both the methodological issues (including data sources, pilot project ideas, potential outputs and contributions), estimated budget, project consortium building, and novelty of project element. The arrangements coming from the workshop were included in the future project assumptions, methodology and the workplan.

The main arrangements coming from the workshop included:

  • Incorporating telecom data as possible data source for origin-destination and congestion patterns analyses.
  • Incorporating weather as an important factor in both recognizing congestion patterns and studying its impacts.
  • Involving different data sources and collection methods: direct measurements, surveys, probe vehicle data, telecom data, image/video data, weather and accident data. Using traffic simulation to account for missing data.
  • Implementation of pilot projects in Gdansk and Malmo to assess for scalability of project results.
  • Integrating the developed methods in one toolbox for more effective traffic and road safety management.