February 9. International winter cycling day. Stay safe on the road | Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology

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Date added: 2024-02-09

February 9. International winter cycling day. Stay safe on the road

Bicycle on a road
International Winter Bike To Work Day, which is celebrated on the second Friday in February and takes place on February 9 this year, is a globally celebrated holiday for commuting on bicycles. The day has been set aside to encourage citizens from around the world to consider biking to work as opposed to the common alternative of driving.

Supporters of two wheels repeat: there is no bad weather for cycling - there are only poorly dressed cyclists. In winter, it is important that we are visible on the road, especially when leaving for work early in the morning and returning home after dusk. Not only warm clothing is necessary for the comfort of traveling on a two-wheeler, but also clothing that has reflective elements and will be visible to other road users. Let's remember that when we getting on a vehicle, we are among the road users. Safe cycling means safe roads. There is why we would like to encourage you to read and watch the materials prepared by our department member Dr. Eng. Joanna Wachnicka a top-ranking specialist in issues including: analysis of the level of safety and cycling traffic conditions based on data collected by sensors located in the bicycle, analysis of the use of electric scooters in cities in the context of road traffic safety on the example of Gdańsk City or Methods of Cyclist Training in Europe. Dr. Eng. Joanna Wachnicka represented the Gdańsk Tech at the 13th International Road Safety Conference GAMBIT 2020 which was organized by The Department of Highway Engineering of the Gdansk University of Technology and the Foundation for the Development of Civil Engineering.  The Conference has held online on 7-8 September 2020 focusing on challenges and requirements of improving road safety until 2030.