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Date added: 2024-05-17

EngD Erwin Wojtczak is the Laureate of the prestigious competition

Erwin Wojtczak
We know the winners of the 32nd competition in the START program of the Foundation for Polish Science. Prestigious scholarships will be awarded to 100 outstanding young scientists.

The START program of the Foundation for Polish Science is the oldest scholarship program in Poland for the best young scientists representing all fields of science. Its aim is to support outstanding young scientists and encourage them to pursue further scientific development. The winners of the START program in the 2024 edition will receive an annual scholarship of PLN 30,000. They can use them for any purpose.

EngD Erwin Wojtczak is an assistant professor at the Department of Strength of Materials at WILiŚ. The main topic of his research work, carried out in the Diagnostics and Experimental Mechanics Team under the supervision of Professor EngD Magdalena Rucka, is non-destructive diagnostics of structures using ultrasonic waves. The conducted research resulted in the development of procedures for non-invasive detection and imaging of damage in elements made of, among others: made of steel, concrete and carbon composite. The issue of structure diagnostics is important from the point of view of the safety of use of the structure, which is important in the context of protecting human health and life. To date, he has published 22 scientific articles, including 16 in journals from the JCR list. For his doctoral dissertation, defended in 2022, he was awarded the Award of the Gdańsk Scientific Society and the Mayor of Gdańsk for young scientists. Currently, he continues work on the use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of 3D printed elements as part of the PRELUDIUM project.

EngD Erwin Wojtczak