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Date added: 2021-04-14

Double Degree Program with the University of Palermo

double degree
We would like to inform you that the recruitment process for the Master's double degree program with the University of Palermo (Italy) for students in Environmental Engineering has started.

The agreement gives an opportunity to receive Master’s double degree in the field of Environmental Engineering for students of both universities. Students enrolled in Double Degree programme will have a chance to spend the entire winter semester 2021/2022 abroad (it is possible to obtain funding from the Erasmus + program). They will study exactly the same subjects that they would study at the home university or their extended equivalents. All courses will be provided in English. In addition to obtaining a double master's degree, students will also be given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in a new place and learn a different way of teaching.

Due to the synchronization of the study program, it may be necessary to extend the study period by one semester (perhaps it can be eliminated). We  do not know how the sanitary restrictions will look like in the academic year 2021/2022 but the partner university provides the possibility of remote studies.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact  the International Relations and Promotion Office at the following e-mail address