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Surveying Equipment Repository

Employees of the Surveying Equipment Repository

Eng. Karol Rudziński
tel.: +48 58 347 19 19
building no. 16, FoCAEE, Off. 1.05


Eng. Jakub Jabłoński
tel.: +48 58 347 19 19
building no. 16, FoCAEE, Off. 1.05

Due to the construction of the Center for Eco-Innovation (CEI), the Geodetic Equipment Storage has been temporarily relocated.

Current location of the Storage: Building No. 16, Off. 1.05.

Signatures on circulation sheets: From Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM in Building No. 16, Off. 1.05.

An electronic version of the Circulation Sheet has been launched on the Moja PG portal, replacing its paper version. The sheet is issued by the dean's office staff and can be found in Moja PG -> Student -> Studies -> eCirculation Sheet.

The Geodetic Equipment Storage organizes activities related to access to measuring instruments and geodetic materials. It possesses basic measuring equipment as well as specialized instruments, including precision levels, electronic theodolites, and GNSS receivers used in research and development projects as well as teaching.


If you need to borrow equipment outside the premises of Gdańsk University of Technology, at least 3 days before the planned rental date, please contact the staff of the Geodetic Equipment Storage - Off. 1.05, Building No. 16. Then, fill out the appropriate documents (information in the regulations) and submit them to the Head of Department of Geodesy - Ph.D. Eng. Arch. Dominika Wróblewska, university prof. - Off. 111, Building 20.

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