The proceeding in case of courses provided by visiting professors in the frame  of  Einsteinium Short-Term Incoming Visits:

  1. Under the Program, it is possible to finance: costs of short-term visits from 1 week to 2 months by renowned foreign scientists to Gdańsk University of Technology.

  2. The financing of the costs of the visit of a foreign scientist, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Guest’, covers the part paid to him/her upon arrival - residence allowances of PLN 300/day (three hundred str. 3 PLN/day), while the travel (air, rail, bus tickets) and accommodation are organized and covered directly by the university.

  3. The grant application shall be made in accordance with the template provided ( encl. Application form).

  4. The application is submitted electronically and in paper form to the International Relations Office (hereinafter IRO) on a continuous basis in accordance with the instructions published on the website of the Research University.

  5. IRO carries out formal verification of the application and, if necessary, recommends its appropriate modification or supplementation. Then, within 5 working days of receipt of the application, it is submitted for an opinion by the PRA Center Council competent for the area of scientific activity of the Guest and the Tutor's research team. The PRA Center Council issues an opinion within 20 working days from the date of receipt of the application.

  6. After receiving the opinion of the Council, the application is directed to the Rector who makes the decision on granting or refusing financing. If the Rector sends the application for correction, the Applicant is obliged to submit the corrected application within 5 working days.

  7. IRO provides information on the award of financing and all necessary data of the Applicant and information to the Team for the implementation of the EIRU project.

  8. In the event of a positive grant award decision, the Applicant becomes the Tutor of the visiting scientist.

  9. Within 10 days from the end of the Guest's stay, the Tutor submits a report to the IRO (in accordance with the template - encl. Report), with particular reference to the degree of fulfillment of the PRA Center objectives. IRO supplements the report with financial data, and then, within 3 days of receiving the report, submits it to the board of the relevant PRA Center. The report should receive an opinion from the dean of the faculty where the visit was carried out.

    Model documents:

    encl. Report (docx, 88.97kB) encl. Application form (docx, 90.85kB)