The proceeding in case of courses provided by visiting professors in the frame of POWER 3.5, Module II (Doctoral studies) „Integrated Programme of Development of Gdańsk University of Technology” 

  1. In order to join the project, the inviting person (on behalf of the candidate), should send to the application form ( encl. Application form) and the Data for the Contract  (encl. Data for the contract).
  2. Visiting professors (VP) can be scientists who have at least a PhD degree and have extensive scientific experience confirmed by many publications or technical achievements (industrial implementations, patents). The offer applies to both active employees of foreign universities, as well as academic scientists and senior lecturers who have just retired at their universities.
  3. It is required to conduct 15 hours of interdisciplinary classes in the block in the form of lecture at third-cycle studies.
  4. Lectures should be completed by Jaanuary 2022 and can take place remotely or stationary (depending on the candidate's preferences).The wage for the lectures is PLN 10,000 gross (for new contracts for remotely conducted lectures, the wage is lower -  PLN 6,500 gross).The project does not finance other costs incurred by visiting professors, e.g. diet, accommodation, travel and others. The department from which the inviting person comes is responsible for the preparation and service of the remote lecture.
  5. Applications will be considered by the Central Council of Heads of Doctoral Studies on a continuous basis.

    Model documents: encl. Data for the contract (docx, 601.22kB) encl. Application form (docx, 197.06kB)