The proceeding in case of courses provided by visiting professors in the frame of POWER 3.5, Module I (Postgraduate studies) „Integrated Programme of Development of Gdańsk University of Technology”

  1. Forwarding the application form (encl. Application form) to the Substantive Project Coordinator - Mr. Ireneusz Mosoń.
  2. Sending the Data for the Contract (encl. Data for the Contract) to the Project Office.
  3. When the contract is prepared (supplemented with the data concerning teacher, the topic of classes and the number of hours of classes to be conducted) the Project Office submits the contract to the faculty's coordinator.
  4. The hourly rate is PLN 900.00 gross (for new contracts for remotely conducted classes, the the hourly rate is lower- PLN 650.00 gross). The project does not finance other costs incurred by visiting professors, e.g. diet, accommodation, travel and others. The contract needs to be concluded on the day of the first class at the latest. The contract must be concluded for min. 15 teaching hours (The change applies to classes that will be carried out remotely- it is acceptable to conduct less than 15 hours). Didactic hours can be realized in the form of lectures, seminars, laboratories and projects (consultations are the only limitation).
  5.  After verifying the correctness of the data, the contract is forwarded for signing by the visiting professor, Organisational Manager of the Project – Ph.D. Eng. and Manger of the Project – Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Janusz Cieśliński, Assoc. Prof. at GUT
  6. Classes are organized within the agreed period. The faculties are responsible for documenting the implementation of classes. Courses should contain the information that classes are carried out as part of the "Integrated Program for Development of the Gdańsk University of Technology".
  7. On the last day of classes it is necessary to fulfil and sign the hand-over protocol, invoice and declaration for tax purposes. Then scanned documents should be send via e-mail. 
  8. The student attendance list needs to be send to the Project Office (encl. Attendance list_form) in order to document the visit and classes (the required number of students -  minimum 8).

    Model documents:
    encl. Application form (docx, 193.84kB) encl. Data for the Contract (docx, 601.22kB)
    encl. Attendance list form (docx, 407.25kB)