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Winners of Redivivus Wind Turbine Blades

Winner's project
The research team from Gdańsk Tech from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture under the leadership of prof. dr hab. Eng. Magdalena Rucka wants to develop practical methods for recycling composite material obtained from end-of-life wind turbine blades.

As part of the Redivivus Wind Turbine Blades project, a student competition was announced for the development of conceptual designs for a bicycle shelter and any building structure.

On April 28, the Fahrenheit Courtyard the winning projects were awarded. We are proud of our students thanks to whom Gdansk Tech can become, to paraphrase prof. dr. hab. Eng. Krzysztof Wilde, rector of Gdansk Tech, more beautiful and modern as well as more ecological.

Researcher from India in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dwie kobiety pozują do zdjęcia.
Dr. Vijayalakshmi Shankar is from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India, and has been working as Senior Assistant Professor at VIT.

She came to Gdańsk University of Technology as a part of her NAWA Fellowship, which is one of the most prestigious fellowships by the Poland government. She is been working in the area of Environmental Biotechnology for more than 10 years. She had published more than 70 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. She had also closely worked with many Industries which resulted in different consultancy projects. She had published three patents based on her research projects.


Logo of koło naukowe forever young.
The activities of the FOREVER YOUNG Scientific Community involve a brand-new idea OBRAZ KONSTRUKCJI - STRUCTURAL IMAGE.

In its framework, any interested person selects an engineering structure, preparing a presentation, the possible forms are:

- a series of pictures and a body text - structural description,

- a ready-made video presentation.

The presentation in any form, is published in the FOREVER YOUNG community websites:

Mechanics Ever 

KN Forever Young

Street furniture and concrete made of a wind turbine blade? A second life to used materials

Four smiling people.
Playground equipment, bicycle shelters, aggregate for construction - an interdepartmental research team from Gdansk University of Technology is looking for ways to recycle end-of-life wind turbine blades as energy-efficiently as possible. The researchers hope that the solutions developed will not only help to protect the environment, but also increase the availability of building materials.

Research team from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture, managed by Prof. Magdalena Rucka, is working on a wind turbine blade recycling system allowing to reuse them in construction industry and architecture.

A unique inspection vehicle to help researchers develop road maintenance strategies

The laboratory car next to the building.
Gdańsk University of Technology acquired an inspection vehicle equipped with a laser system that enables advanced measurements of the road, motorway and airport pavement condition. It is a unique piece of equipment at Polish universities. The new research tool is to help develop guidelines for road administrators, in order to reduce repairs and related traffic disruptions.

– Over 5 000 national roads and motorways have been commissioned in Poland over the past several years. Effective maintenance and management of this constantly expanding road network requires appropriate diagnostics and assessment of the technical condition of their surface.

The first graduate of double diploma at WILiŚ

Alessio Sanfilippo from the University of Palermo is the first student to defend his master's thesis in a double degree program at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The promoter on the Italian side was Marco Migliore (professore ordinaro), the promoter on the Polish side was Joanna Wachnicka, Ph.D. Eng. More information about the double degree study program on the Faculty's website.

How to deal with stress? Sign up for classes

We invite students of Gdańsk University of Technology to participate in seminars on coping with stressful situations organized as part of the "Hey, are you OK?" project. Registration for meetings lasts until March 27th. The number of places is limited.

In mid-September 2022, the "Hey, are you OK?" project was launched at Gdańsk University of Technology. The main goal of it is to support the emotional health of students and employees. The activities are coordinated by Gdańsk Tech International Relations Office.

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